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These days all the people have been forced by the government to stay in home till the end of corona virus So If you have been stuck in your home for many days and feeling bored because of staying in the home all the 24 hours then the time has been come to find ways to spend these days utilizing this Quarantine day with you partner. There are many activities that you can enjoy doing with your life partner. So have a look at these beautiful activities that you should do because it will make your love stronger.


Since no one is going to the office for their work so why should we expect cooking from only a one-person either a wife had been cooking or a husband had been cooking but in the current time it’s a mutual responsible to cook a portion of food not for a one person and not just cooking other things that we do in a home i.e. dusting, cleaning a house, repairing something and it could be anything.



Dance is the best thing to do with your life partner and believe me you will enjoy and will your soul mate and it will connect the souls of both of you Furthermore dancing can replace your exercise so you can maintain your health too while staying in your home.


If you want to do something creative with your life partner and your child then you cannot go wrong with a painting so paint a portrait of your loved one then send them as a gift Do calligraphy or whatever you like to do in this quarantine tim



You have no time to spend with your wife and in this world, it is only a time which can’t be back so time is the most expensive and valuable thing a one can give to their loved one, so sit with your life partner and talk to him/her share memories with your soul mate so spend quality time with each other instead of fighting to each other.

Final wordsIf you want to experience other things instead of these four things(Dancing, painting, cooking, time) that I explained then do it so you can utilize these quarantine days instead of wasting since these are the four things of many things so happy quarantine day.And Have a lively day too.