How to use Milan?

Welcome to a frequently visited and most trusted marriage site, Milan For Life. We know that marriage is the most delightful and mattering part of human life.

How to use Milan?

Step 1: sign-up

In this step you will have to fill the registration form. In this form, you are supposed to add your personal details, education, career, family, and interests. You will also add a profile picture in this form which will be visible to all users. Most of your information such as contact number, email address, name, and birth date will be displayed with your consent only. You will be asked about what to keep private and what public.

Step 2: Match making

You will be shown profiles according to the information you have provided. You will send and receive requests and messages. .

Step 3: The final step

After finding a suitable match, you will communicate with them, and set a place to meet. You will get in contact with them and then you will live happily ever after!