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Hey! I am Ela, from Turkey. When I was at the age of 26 my husband gave me divorce, I was not too old and my family wants me to marry again but marrying again this sounds awkward to me because no one in our circle allows their son or brother to marry a girl who is already divorced. As the family pressure was increasing day by day, I decided to go to a marriage bureau then I went to MILAN FOR LIFE (marriage bureau) where I gave all my information and seriously I was not thinking about that they will call me back but after two weeks I receive a call from their bureau they asked me to come to the bureau and when I went there I found a guy waiting for me and I was shocked because I never think about that someone will marry me after getting divorce. Azrak is soo sweet and he has no concern about my past, he is also divorced but we never talk about our past. We are happily married and living our life full of joy. Thanks MILAN FOR LIFE, Thank u soo much as I never think about getting married again but you guyz are seriously amazing, you found a person who loves me a lot. Again Thanks a lot…….